The perfect solution for your business...
OmniNet Cloud Services.

The perfect solution for your business...
OmniNet Cloud Services.

Cloud Services

The definition of cloud service is:

"On-demand scalable resources which are provided as a service such as networks, servers and applications, that are accessible by the end user and can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal effort or service provider interaction"

As defined by the NZ Cloud Computing Code of Practice - May 2012

One common misconception is that there is "A cloud". This is not true. There are many Cloud's around the world and ours is just one of them.  This means that if you use our Cloud your data will not be leaving New Zealand and being stored in Singapore, Bangalore or America. Our cloud is based right here in New Zealand.

Cloud Servers

Cloud Servers give the ability to move those traditional servers that you had on your premise, into the Cloud. You still have the same capability and the same control as with your on-premise server. But you have the ability to scale it up and down. And also far greater redundancy and reliability.

Cloud Email

Cloud based email solutions enable you to access your email from any device, from anywhere in the world. You are no longer constrained to accessing your email from a single computer.
The features available in Cloud based email solutions are far superior to what most people have been used to using.

One Cloud email service is our own Premium email service. 

Custom Cloud Solutions

The cloud can be used to provide a large range of different services. From Email to Databases, through to phone systems and much more.