Reseller Anti Spam

Tired of Spam filling up your inbox?

We've got an easy solution for you.
We can block 98.5% of your Spam.
Sign up to try OmniNet's advanced Anti-Spam with our FREE one month trial and you'll see just how effective it is.

What makes our Anti-Spam solution different?

Our system will send you a daily or weekly report showing you any messages that could potentially have been picked up wrong. You then have the option to release the message or to whitelist the sender so no email from that person will be blocked in the future. This makes it extremely simple to use for even the most technically challenged people.

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How our Anti-Spam works

Emails get redirected through our anti-spam filter for scanning and are then passed onto your existing mail server. This means that you don't need to change your existing email provider.

Our advanced Anti-Spam is suitable for organisations ranging from 1 user to 1000 users. All you need is your own Domain Name and you can use our Anti-Spam.

And we can help you with your own Domain Name if you don't have one already. Just Contact Us and we can get your unique Domain Name set up.

General Features

Hosted solution
Our Advanced Anti-Spam is a complete hosted solution meaning you don't need to buy any hardware or need to install any software on your computer.
Two Anti-Virus engines
We use two separate Anti-Virus engines to ensure that on the odd occasion when one vendor doesn't detect a virus that the second Anti-Virus engine likely will. 
Low false positive rate
False positives are when legitimate emails get detected as spam. This means you may miss important emails.
Daily Spam report
Each day if there is Spam that has been detected that the system isn't 100% sure about it will send you a report detailing the emails blocked. If there are any in there that were incorrectly detected you can easily release them from quarantine and also whitelist emails from that person so that in the future they don't get blocked. 


Anti-Spam plans

Up to 5 users

10 Users

20 Users

20+ Users

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