Business grade Email that helps,
not hinders.

Business grade Email that helps,
not hinders.

Email Hosting

We offer professional email hosting for your business or organization. With our premium email service, your business will benefit from customised configurations and the ability to host a large number of accounts.

We offer email hosting services that are perfect for the business that needs to collaborate or maintain shared appointments and contacts. This can be achieved through our Premium Email online interface or a third party email client such as Microsoft Outlook.

All our servers are based right here in New Zealand.

Email Hosting Plan Features



Price From $5.00 /mth From $9.00 /mth
Disk Space  100MB You choose
Basic Anti-Virus & Anti-Spam tick tick
Advanced Anti-Spam Filtering   tick
IMAP/POP3 Support tick tick
Daily Backups  tick tick
Shared mailboxes   tick
Shared Calendars, Contacts & Folders   tick
Synchronisation to mobile devices (i.e iPhone, iPad, Android)   tick
Synchronisation and access from multiple PC's   tick
Online file sharing   tick
Rich online web client   tick
Seamless access from Windows PC & Mac   tick
All traffic secured by SSL   tick
Out of office auto-responder   tick
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